Turning thirty-two

When I was in my 20s, I had a very different view of what my 30s should look like. For starters, I thought I’d finally be living in a condo or apartment of my own, bringing in money that could comfortably sustain my lifestyle, and have a shit ton saved in the bank I could practically retire at 40.

I wasn’t a very smart twenty-year-old though. I admit I kinda squandered those years, thinking that I had plenty of time in the future to catch up. The illusion that we always have more time could be the most dangerous thing to believe when you’re young.

But I made it through thirty two years with no major health threats, my parents comfortably retired, my brother and I close as ever. I have a wonderful girlfriend who’s very supportive of my creative pursuits, and I made friends in a period of my life where I never thought I’d be able to find a group to fit in.

Turns out that I’m still quite blessed despite everything. ^_^

Celebrating on a lockdown

Meanwhile, as we all know, nCov is still in full force at the outside world. This meant I’d spend my birthday indoors, which, in my 32 years, was a first. Honestly, I’m not a huge party thrower for my own birthday; it’s usually just a dine out or KTV or beer binge at someone else’s house. But having no choice but to celebrate inside was still a bit of a downer — or so I thought.

The day before my birthday, my girlfriend braved the checkpoints and drove over to my house, bringing homecooked carbonara pasta and our baby cat Yoshi. She also had a birthday film prepared with greetings from my favorite people, peppered with funny stock videos of celebrity greetings like Taylor Swift (my all-time fave singer, fight me!)

On the eve of my birthday, my friend, Charm, hosted a four-hour Zoom party where we played This Cards Will Get You Drunk (and indeed got drunk in the process). It was in this moment when I realized I received one of the best gifts, no matter how cliché it sounds: friendship with such amazing people, who will get drunk with me no matter where we are.

I’m 32 and relatively old, but not too old to enjoy life as simple as beer and a video call. ^_^

2 thoughts on “Turning thirty-two

  1. All I wanna ask is, ASAN NA YUNG BIDYO NA PINAGHIRAPAN KONG I-RECORD?????? Also, hello, we need to like do something to celebrate this milestone: ang pagkawala mo sa kalendaryo!!!!

      Wala na sa kalendaryo pero nasa bingo card pa hanggang 75 LOL tara celebrate sa Hikoju huhuhuhu T_T

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