Random thoughts while the world is on lockdown

Been a while since my last overpriced coffee

I’m typing this at 7:52 AM on a Sunday, which is not a usual time for me to be up. On an ordinary weekend, I’ll sleep at 3 AM and wake up twelve hours later, by which time my back already hurts from sleeping too much.

But today is no ordinary weekend. It’s the first Sunday since Manila, Philippines’ island-wide lockdown. And like most countries, COVID-19 has changed the way we spend our days.

On my end, changes weren’t super drastic as I got lucky in the birth lottery to be born to a middle-class family. The biggest movement by far was my brother and I’s transition to remote work, but for the most part it’s still comfortable. Mother, of course, wasn’t able to hide her delight. She always has this thought that terrible things would happen to her kids when they’re out of her sight, so when our office machines arrived at the house last week, she couldn’t help saying, “Haaay I AM SO RELIEVED.”

Yes, I was a sheltered kid. Anyway. Here’s a rundown of some stuff I’ve done since the lockdown:

  • tackled all the unfolded clothes in my closet, which made me realize that I now own too many business coats;
  • finished season one of the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero via Netflix and it was awesome! Too bad season two won’t be until next year;
  • bought the game Diablo 3 Battle Chest for PC so my brother and I can play together. We did last night and slayed monsters ’til 5 AM;
  • bitched online about the government’s gross incompetence and severe politicking in handling the lockdown (get this: the President even threatened a city Mayor, who happens to be ONE OF THE VERY FEW PERSONS doing a commendable job in this crisis);
  • in relation to the previous one: I unfriended some people because how the heck can they still side with a clown despite everything?;
  • participated in the #TaylorWasRightAllAlong trend on Twitter. We did tell you guys, but you still chose to believe the lying celebrity couple.

Looking at this list, I realized that some things stayed the same — lockdown or not, looks like I am still as unproductive as ever.

Seriously though, I hope COVID-19 goes away soon. And when it does, I swear the first thing I’ll do is stuff myself full of samgyupsal. In the meantime, let’s all hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And make it a habit to wash your hands!

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