The hardest part during social media detox

Last January 20, 2020, I decided to uninstall both Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone. And what I realized is that it wasn’t relatively hard to stay away from these sites. The hardest part, for me at least, is taking that amount of free time I now suddenly have and putting it into more meaningful or productive work.

Well, why don’t you draw more? Or write more? Wasn’t that the goal?

Yes, but I still wasn’t doing those as much as I like. As it turns out, staying away from social media is only a step, but not a cure. I may not be scrolling Facebook and Twitter feeds for hours anymore, but I have simply swapped it for other unproductive activities. These days, it’s Netflix and a Steam game called Stardew Valley.

Uninstalling social media did virtually nothing to keep me away from fiddling with my phone.

It’s been 3 weeks and I still get temptations to reinstall, but I don’t want to until I’m sure I could tame my thumbs into not going down the endless scrolling black hole. And judging from my current progress — which is not much, sigh — that is still a long ways to go.

Ever tried social media detox? How was it for you?

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