Good bye, coffee (for now)

Okay, a little bit of correction: when I say coffee, I meant Starbucks.

Here’s a short story: I used to judge people who love Starbucks. Like, what kind of poser would pay a ridiculous amount for coffee when there’s Nescafe that costs a few bucks and makes 100 cups? Until one memorable night when I tasted my first ever Starbucks drink — white chocolate mocha — that I finally understood the hype. Since then, I’ve been drinking the same blend almost daily before going to work. And recently, I switched to white mocha americano, which is far more bitter and better at waking me up for the night shift.

And then the acid reflux began.

At first I ignored it, thinking that it’s just one of those things that would go away, like a head cold. But when it started becoming a daily thing, I knew I had to do something. And by ‘do something’, I meant Google “remedy for acid reflux.” As expected, the search result was populated with expert online opinion, including: avoid caffeine.

So the next day, I did avoid coffee and WHOA THE EFFECT IS INSTANTANEOUS. No acid reflux for the entire day! I therefore concluded that coffee was the culprit. Ergo, as much as I’m a true-blue Starbucks lover, I would have to distance myself away for now until my body’s back to being able to handle it.

That’s it. That’s the post.

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