Brush pens from Shopee: is it worth the money?

For the drawing/lettering/journaling enthusiast on a budget, Shopee is the place for cheap finds. And since I’ve been hoarding since 2014 and unwilling to spend a fortune anymore on another set of Zig Clean Colors, I decided to see what Shopee offers in its digital shelves.

I bought the 12-piece variant of the product shown above because I’ve been on the hunt for a watercolor brush pen similar to Miniso’s waterbased brush ink markers. But when the Shopee pens finally arrived, it was NOT watercolor brush pens at all.

(Sellers usually embellish their product titles with fancy description. Had I checked the photos and read the packaging, I’d know instantly that it isn’t waterbased no matter what its name and description say.)

It is still a set of brush pen though, even without ‘watercolor effects coloring.’ And for an unbranded product, it’s not really that bad.

Each brush has dual tips — soft bristles on one and fineliner on the other. There are no color labels so I just named them the way I see them.

There is zero bleeding on the next page, but very visible ghosting on the back page. Note that I’m using a 90gsm sketch pad; bleeding may occur on thinner papers like Starbucks planners.

Since I’m into portrait and urban sketching lately, I drew a couple faces and street scene using a Muji 0.5mm gel pen first, then used the brush pens for coloring and shading. As expected, they aren’t the best in this department. I know it’s unfair to compare them to Faber Castell’s Artist Pitt Pens, but for sketching, I’m sticking to FC.

Brush lettering is where these Shopee pens could shine. It has good thick and thin strokes and the colors are vibrant enough. If you’re into creative planners or journals, these brush pens can be handy for title pages and spreads.

Considering the PHP231 price tag or a little below USD 5, it’s decent and does what it’s supposed to do. But if you really want a brand that won’t break the piggy bank, try Kuretake Fudebiyori. You can also check out Scribe PH’s brush pens online. As of this writing, their Zig Clean Colors are on 50% off.

Lastly, this is not a sponsored post by Shopee, Scribe, Zig, or any brands mentioned. 😉 Happy drawing!

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