Cafe sketches 001

Too many distractions has made it unconducive for me to make art at home; most of the time, I’d rather just sleep or watch Netflix (current binge: Hotel Del Luna). So whenever I feel like drawing something, I must do it outside. And coffee shops are usually my go-to place for some art time.

I totally suck at drawing humans, but I’m practicing plein air drawing. There’s not much you can do about moving subjects, so might as well embrace them, yes?

Because I do not know how to subtly glance over people while transferring their likeness on paper, I mostly draw those whose backs are turned so they wouldn’t think I’m a creep who keeps looking at them.

The thing about sketching live is what I see and what I think I see could be different, and I would only notice once I finish the drawing, step back, and compare it to the scene I’m looking at. I wish I’m a little less nitpicky with these things. Maybe I could make that a new year’s resolution for 2020.

So has anyone tried out sketching people at coffee shops? I’m game for a drawing session. ^_^

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