I’m tired of my excuse

Whenever artists I follow do a flip-through of their sketchbooks, part of me would be like, they have interesting subjects because they have money to travel and draw on really nice locations. Of course, that’s not really true. But in my head, it was a better excuse than admit the fact that I was too lazy to pick up the pen and draw.

I did the vase drawing above during a moment when I was in the mood to create a quick sketch but did not have a pen and paper with me. Ergo, I used the most accessible tool: a smartphone. And I knew then that all my excuses carry no weight; if I really wanted to draw, I could always find a way.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish we can always be in that mood — no excuses, just go straight to the action. If I had drawn a hundred drawings on my smartphone, I could have had a digital flip-through. I could have had something I am proud of and that I could also show off.

It’s the last month of the year, and I have nothing. Or I don’t have enough.

I’m tired of hearing the same excuse. I’m tired of avoiding to put stuff out there. It’s time to get out of the bubble.

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